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Serving Sudanese Refugees

On its 2019 World Watch List, Open Doors USA ranks Sudan as the 6th most persecuted country for Christians. Sudanese believers face unrelenting discrimination and opposition from family, friends, and public officials. The government continues its campaign to demolish Christian churches and arrest leaders, and converts from Islam face the death penalty if discovered. Even children face constant harassment in school for their parents’ faith. In the country’s Nuba Mountains region, government security forces violently target Christians. Recently, 4G3 founded two new leadership institutes for Sudanese refugees living in Egypt—one in Alexandria and the other in the 6th of October city. Though these refugees escaped Sudan with their lives, they struggle to survive in Egypt, where finding a legal employment opportunity is next to impossible.

Because of their faith, locals spit on them in the streets and tell them to go back to where they came from. 4G3 has the privilege of encouraging and equipping Sudanese believers whose suffering seems endless. These men and women need encouragement to hold on to their faith and become ambassadors of Jesus wherever God plants them. They learn to become like Philip in the Bible, who led many Samarians to Christ after fleeing persecution in Jerusalem. God used Philip’s suffering to advance His Kingdom. Will you pray with us that God will use 4G3’s discipleship institutes to transform the lives of Christian refugees from Sudan?


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