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of Monthly Givers

The STAND FIRM Circle of Friends is made up of passionate and generous monthly givers who have joined our mission to embolden displaced and persecuted Christians in the Middle East to stand firm in their faith. We desire this to be a thriving and interactive community!

Jesus prayed for all believers when he said, “I am in them, and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.”

- John 17:23 NLT


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When we come together in unity to support persecuted and displaced Christians, they see our great love for Jesus and for them. Together we can carry out the great commission.

How would you like to support us?
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"Envision with us…50 new supporters giving $50 per month, together generating $30,000 to be invested into disciple-making! It’s amazing what can happen when people join forces. Wahid and I love giving monthly because it allows us to give more annually by breaking up our gifts into smaller amounts. Regardless of the amount you can give, you have a place in our circle.” 

Laila Wahba

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- Otto & Lidia Schultinge

We believe God is at work through Wahid, Laila, and the whole 4G3 team and we love them for it! We consider the most effective method to reach the unreached is by having local people administer the gospel over time. Which is exactly how 4G3 operates. Blessings for another great year!


- Shanice Linton

You can feel the presence of God and get inspired by the movement of 4G3 when you meet Laila and Wahid. They are humble, diligent givers, who are giving back to persecuted Christians in the Middle East through this ministry and have sacrificed a lot professionally to commit their entire lives to this purpose. Upon meeting them I was inspired by their devotion and joined this circle to do my part in supporting this incredible cause.


Dr. Phillip R Walker

You cannot do a conference and walk away and claim people have been discipled. I think 4G3 understands this. 4G3 never did buy into let’s do conferences and be done. My heart quickens because of the 4G3 ministry because discipleship has to be done over a span of time and done intentionally through intense relationships. 

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- Wagdi & Hanaa Wahba

4G3 vision was shared with us by Laila and Wahid. Their life-long journey with Christ and their commitment to His Kingdom work has reached a pinnacle in this season of their life. We love to see God working and ride the wave. It makes us participants in Christ’s Great Commission, especially in the Middle East, a spot very close to our hearts. God is using them and by partnering with them, we make ourselves available for God to use us. Great privilege to be used by God, totally undeserved and unearned.


- Rob & Susan Turner

We love Wahid and Laila!  We’re so encouraged by their inspiring example of love and sacrifice for persecuted and displaced people.  That includes both displaced Christians and refugees who have never heard the gospel.  We’ve seen the impact when under-served and under-resourced believers are trained and equipped to share the gospel. Their joy is a blessing to us experienced through praying and supporting 4G3. 

Join the #StandFirm Circle