We've reached 800,000 with in-person training in the last 20 years.

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"I want to encourage anyone who is thinking of joining the Discipleship Institute: you won't be disappointed. The topics you will study are a lot to digest, but you get the privilege of hearing from teachers who carry a lot of grace. You need to be willing to learn and to apply what you learn in your walk with God. You will build up yourself, your family, your church and your community."

Sameh Nagui

Discipleship Institute Graduate

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Ministry Model

There is a dire need for practical Christian discipleship material for displaced and persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

Our goal is to transform displaced Christians to bloom where they are planted so they can live as victors not victims.

We offer a proven 10-course 70-hour discipleship program over a period of 15 months.

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Key Distinctions

Long term discipleship that empowers displaced and persecuted Christians, making them bolder to share their faith and live as ambassadors for Christ.

Our Middle Eastern, spiritual and medical background have strategically prepared us to effectively disciple and minister to other Middle Eastern believers.

Collaborate with other ministries which align with our vision and mission through translation, resources, curricula and partnerships.

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Success Indicators
  • Expanding into two new countries per year.

  • Equipping 2,100 disciples in the next five years through our 15-month discipleship institutes.

  • Partnering with like-minded ministries every year.

  • Reaching around 12,000 participants per year through individual courses.

Prayer Strategy
  • The prayer team is a group of 17 individuals who meet every Wednesday morning to pray for 4G3 and its MENA arm, MELTI.

  • WhatsApp prayer groups for each Discipleship Institute in each country.

  • Prayer relays one week before each event.