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The Coup Book

Our founder, Wahid Wahba has been working on a few projects behind the scenes including the launch of his book 'The Coup'. This story resonates with leaders, whether they are leading a family or a Fortune 500 company.

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"The Coup" Book instills hope that God
can utilize and redeem our stories.

Family relationships can be complex, bringing both joy and encouragement or strife and hurt. The Bible presents various family dynamics, some healthy while others resembling the dysfunctionality found in most households like ours.

"The Coup" offers an analysis of David's family. As you reflect on your own story, consider how similar or different it is from this Biblical narrative that reveals shocking truths about individuals who, like you and me, dwell in dysfunctional relationships.

Contemplating the background, characters, and consequences of each choice made in "The Coup" grants us insights into our own lives and the impact of every decision. We discover the costs that affect us, and our families, and leave a generational legacy of either blessing or curse.

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About the Author

Dr. Wahid Wahba is the founder and CEO of For the Global Glory of God (4G3)

and a pastor at First Arabic Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.

In 1976, God placed a burden on Dr. Wahba’s heart to invest deeper in the lives of those around him. A dentist by profession, Dr. Wahid resigned from his dental practice in Cairo, Egypt, to pursue full-time Christian ministry.

Since he answered God’s call more than forty years ago, Dr. Wahid has trained and equipped millions of Christian leaders worldwide. In 2000, he launched the Middle East Leadership Training Institute (MELTI), which reaches 45,000 people in twenty-five Middle Eastern and North African countries every year.

Dr. Wahid has worked with many Christian ministries, including the Bible Society of Egypt, Walk Thru the Bible, Purpose Driven, and the Haggai Institute to help them advance the work of God throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, CIS, and Europe.

In 2000, launched the Middle East Leadership Training Institute (MELTI), which reached 800,000 in the Middle East in the past 20 years.

Headed Christian ministries launching the Bible Society of Egypt fundraising department, leading Middle East and North Africa operations for Walk Thru the Bible, Purpose Driven, and Haggai Institute, led Walk Thru the Bible International operations for five years.

In 2018, and with the refugee crisis, God deepened my burden, calling me to expand my vision for investing in people by strengthening leaders around the world. 4G3 was birthed to embolden displaced and persecuted Christians in the Middle East to stand firm in their faith. 4G3 emboldens displaced and persecuted Christians stand firm in their faith through a 15-month, 70-hour core curriculum of biblical, theological, and discipleship Institutes. Some program participants are refugees, while others remain in their home countries despite severe persecution. By partnering with organizations that produce high-quality biblical content, we provide vital training for leaders in our institutes and for individuals in churches and small groups.

I learned what it takes to train and equip Christians of impact. It's not just about sharing knowledge. It’s about long-term investment in the whole life of a leader. It’s about growing individuals into leaders who will become catalysts of change in their families, churches, communities, and nations, all for the global glory of God.

Wahid and his wife Laila have been married for nearly four decades and have two sons and a growing family.



Moody Bible Institute

1994 - 1998


Cairo University

Faculty of Dentistry 1973 - 1979

A Story of Hope & Second Chances

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