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Support our Ministry

Your donation can make a difference in so many ways. Together we can embolden persecuted Christians in the Middle East and beyond.

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Discipleship Institutes

We are in need of sponsors for refugee participants! Many cannot join because they cannot afford it. They need discipleship to be able to change their nation and the world. Sponsoring a participant would greatly impact the number of persecuted Christians we can reach. 

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4G3 Expansion Program

4G3 will be training 15 pastors from seven countries on the 4G3 model: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Pakistan and Ukraine! The seven pastors will in turn start discipleship Institutes in their own countries causing a ripple effect. We need you to underwrite this expansion.


Train the Trainer

Support the development of our new faculty – the first step for any successful ministry. Discipleship graduates who will become trainers need in depth training to be able to take new disciples to deeper levels of commitment with God. 


Please mail all checks to the address below:

For the Global Glory of God (4G3)

C/O David Gaither CPA

PO Box 36

Rock Spring GA 30739

*3% Credit Card Processing Fee

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