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  • What does 4G3 stand for?
    4G3 stands for: For (hence the number 4) The Global (G#1) Glory (G#2) of God (G#3), hence 4G3.
  • What is the relationship between 4G3 and MELTI?
    For the Global Glory of God (4G3) is the mother company of MELTI MELTI stands for Middle East Leadership Training Institute. MELTI is the Middle East North Africa arm of 4G3. MELTI was founded in the year 2000 by Wahid and Laila Wahba to saturate the Middle East with biblical material that is practical and life-changing. So far, MELTI has reached over 800,000 participants with in-person training.
  • What are 4G3 admin costs?
    Admin costs are around 8%
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