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Iraqi Mother's Day

Asanat lost her three daughters because of her faith

I know I have not written in a couple of days, but we returned so exhausted from ministry every night, Wahid and I, that we crash until the following day. I have a couple of hours this morning, so I thought I would catch up telling you what's been happening. Mother's Day in the Middle East is on March 21. It is a huge deal. You can hear the song, "May God preserve my mother, the woman who is my first love, wherever you go." It is a nostalgic song that I am used to hearing and now brings tears to my eyes since my mother left to be with Jesus. But, this newsletter is not about me. Mother's Day is a day when sons and daughters, wherever they are, will make it a point to get a gift and visit their mother. It is a day of joy and reconciliation when mothers feel appreciated and loved. Schools, churches, mosques, and workplaces all celebrate the day. Asanat (not her real name), is an Iraqi woman who was married to an Egyptian man for 26 years and had three girls from him. At the time she got married, she was a Muslim woman. Her husband never filed for her permanent residency, telling her it was OK since she was married to an Egyptian. Four years ago, Asanat had a dream where Jesus appeared to her. She immediately accepted Jesus, along with her three daughters. When her husband found out, he was furious. He brought her sheiks and scholars to convince her to denounce Jesus, but she refused. Her life became hell. Six months ago, her husband died, and because she had no residency, she was deported back to Iraq, leaving her three daughters, 16,14 and 12, with their uncle. She missed her daughters terribly, fearing that they, living with their uncle, would denounce their newfound faith. She considered surprising her daughters by booking a ticket from Iraq to Egypt to be with her daughters for Mother's Day. Her daughters were delighted. she got a visa and traveled last week. Her daughters were waiting for her at the airport with flowers and balloons, excited to see their mother again. When she landed at the Cairo airport, she was detained for three days and questioned about her faith. Then, she was deported again under the pretext that she was a threat because of her faith. Her daughters were waiting and waiting. Their hearts were broken.

Pray that her daughters can join her, so they can all be together again.

4G3 is on mission to embolden displaced and persecuted Christians in the Middle East to stand firm in their faith.


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