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A Grateful Syrian Pastor

This year you've helped 4G3 expand our Discipleship Institutes in Syria, Turkey, and Egypt. We're providing long-term discipleship that empowers displaced and persecuted Christians, making them bolder to share their faith and live as ambassadors for Christ.

Because of your support and prayers, pastors like Sharo, a Syrian pastor pictured below in back of room praying, are able to better equip their congregations by offering our 18-month disciple-making curriculum and training free of charge. Sharo now has 35 members of his congregation enrolled. He is so thankful for this blessing and answer to prayer, as Christian resources are very hard to find in these areas.

You make this possible!

Thank you for joining us as a faithful partner.

In Christ,

Dr. Wahid and Laila Wahba

Mail checks post dated by Dec. 31 to:

For the Global Glory of God (4G3)

C/O David Gaither CPA

PO Box 36

Rock Spring GA 30739


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