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Will Jesus Pay the Rent?

Danny (on the left) praying right before his graduation from 4G3 discipleship institute

Danny, not his real name, is a Muslim Background believer. He is a Syrian refugee pastoring an underground church in Turkey. Danny is one of the graduates of 4G3 discipleship institutes. He graduated in June this year. Danny shared how his whole family shunned him because he came to Jesus. They made fun of him every time they met. Danny was having financial problems. He could not pay his rent and feared the landlord would evict him and his wife from their apartment. He asked his employer to give him a loan, but he refused. Danny and his wife reached a point where they had nothing to eat, not even a morsel of bread. Danny was waiting to get his pay at the end of the month to pay the rent, but his rent was due on the 15th of each month. He started leaving early in the morning for work and returning late, so he would not run into the landlord. He had half the rent available, but the landlord said, "Either the month's rent or you are out." So, Danny thought of going to his brother for a loan. The brother found the perfect opportunity to sneer at Danny: "Let the Jesus you follow pay your rent." Danny left with a heavy heart. "Jesus, is it OK that they make fun of you?" He prayed. At 9 pm that evening, Danny got a phone call from someone in his church. "Danny, are you home tonight?" They asked. "Yes." He responded, his mind racing to the fact that he had nothing to offer them, not even coffee or tea, which would be shameful in the Middle Eastern culture. At 9 pm that evening, that man and his wife from the church he pastors came carrying tons of food. They even brought coffee and tea. "Have you paid this month's rent?" he asked. How did this guy know about the rent? He had not shared with anyone at church about his financial situation. "No," Danny answered. "OK, here are 400 Turkish liras for your rent. Go pay them now, and then when you return, we can cook and have dinner together." "I have half the rent available. I do not need all this amount." Danny exclaimed. "Keep what you have for you and your wife. Go now and pay the rent." Danny could not help his tears. His wife stood incredulously in the corner. The next day, Danny called his brother and informed him that Jesus did pay his rent.


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