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What Your Turkey Relief Donations Achieved

Pastor Sharo helping earthquake victims. (on the left with cap and glasses). Pastor Sharo hosts one of 4G3's four Discipleship Institutes in Turkey)

Trying to keep warm by building a fire

Pastor Sharo is a Syrian refugee pastor in Turkey. He is a Muslim background believer who is one of the leaders of the 4G3 discipleship Institutes in Turkey. He accepted Jesus ten years ago when Jesus healed his deaf ear. When the earthquake happened, Sharo and his team set up a huge kitchen right next to the tents of those who lost their homes in the earthquake. The people living in tents cannot cook since they have no kitchen, pots or pans, or gas. Sharo asked us to bring food supplies as well as blankets. They were feeding thousands a day, so they always needed food supply. Unfortunately, ISIS learned of Sharo's kitchen and knew that he was- according to them- an infidel who deserved to die. ISIS attacked the kitchen and destroyed it, throwing away all food, all pots, and pans. Sharo had to flee for his life together with all his team. 4G3/MELTI team asked if ISIS then provided food or shelter for those in tents. The answer was NO. They destroy but do not help.

Please pray for the safety of Sharo and his team.

Please pray that someone else can set up another kitchen and feed those in tents.


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