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We're Launching a New Discipleship Institute just for women!

Summer is here and we're excited to launch a new Discipleship Institute in Egypt just for women!

Did you know?

Women in Islam are regarded as sources of shame. Muhammad said they are awrah which can be translated as “object of shame”. Her face is something to be ashamed of and that’s why she covers it.

Even in today's modern culture, women in the Middle East are treated inferior to and are possessions of men, to be treated accordingly. This not only happens to Muslim women but to Christian women as well.

Over the summer we'll be sharing more insight into the plight of Middle Eastern women and how 4G3 is taking a stand to train and empower women with biblical principles to understand they are created in His image.

Our new Discipleship Institute for women will provide a place for 35 women to connect, learn, share, and heal from generational bondage and trauma while gaining deep experiential Biblical knowledge.

We will help women to develop the character and skills to walk closely with God, know their worth, and share what they are learning with other women who need to know they are His beloved.

Your financial support is needed to translate a culturally relevant disciple-making curriculum for women and cover the associated training costs. The women will meet for 70 hours over the span of 15 months. We are believing God to move mightily in the hearts and lives of these women and for a holy passion for His word and truth to be shared with many others in their communities.

We are seeking to raise $75,000 this summer to cover the costs associated with launching this new group.

We greatly appreciate your prayers and generosity.


Dr. Wahid and Laila Wahba


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