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Ukraine: Pastor Vasyl's Church

A few weeks ago we shared an update from a disciple-making partner in ministry, Pastor Vasyl Gutsalo in Ukraine. Since the start of the Ukraine crisis, Pastor Gutsalo's church has been very involved in serving their community and meeting the needs of the people in Western Ukraine. Some of you responded with financial support for these efforts. Thank you!

We received a new update from Pastor Gutsalo regarding how the funds were being used and the current needs. There is still time to make a contribution if you feel led to do so. Details are at the bottom. We know he greatly appreciates your prayers as well!

Dear Friends, In this letter I will try to describe the current state of affairs regarding the situation in different regions of Ukraine. I think it will be useful to know those who give their donations and we, for our part, want to be transparent and not exaggerate our needs. The fact is that during the war the situation is constantly changing and we try to respond to the needs that are most urgent.

1. Kyiv region. Life is normalizing, especially where there has been no occupation. We have enough products in stores, but people (not all) have a financial crisis and can't buy everything they need, and not everyone has a place to work. However, we cannot say that people are hungry. Because there are different support programs. Today we do not try to help all people, but we identify those who are in real need. There are not many such people critically, but they are. An interesting fact is that when we distribute food, there are honest people who say that they have food and advise to give to others. But there are people who have enough but take and take .... There are also real problems today: the fuel problem. This means that logistics are disrupted and food will become more expensive. It is possible to buy fuel, but there are long queues and high prices. When we talk about the territories that were under occupation: There, people are provided for in different ways. Some people have enough food and others do not have enough food, especially those who return home. Another huge problem is that there are many destroyed houses and people have nowhere to live and nothing to build for. We can bring them food, but rebuilding housing is a lot of money and we still don't know how to react here. Moreover, the war is not over. What our church leaders (bishops) say: They advise to make certain food stocks, because we do not know what will happen tomorrow. Food is expensive. For example, we recently bought about $1,500 worth of food for our church, and that's not much. Churches also met with the availability of trucks to transport aid and people. Therefore, those churches that are active and do not have such transport are trying to raise funds and buy their own transport. We are also thinking about this issue and have already started looking for funds and some transport. Speaking for the people of my team, I am asked to help with fuel to bring food to people in different parts of the country. Each trip can cost 100-120 dollars.

2. Zaporozhye. There are a lot of refugees there, so they need to serve. But it's not just the need for food and medicine. People need money for housing because people are not ready to settle for free. There are some people that the church can accept, but churches are limited.

3. Kharkiv region. People on my team serve people in villages where there is a problem with food and finances. There is a real war going on in the city itself. The situation there is difficult and the church is trying to respond as best it can.

4. Transcarpathia. There, churches serve refugees. But many refugees are already beginning to return home. This makes the situation easier. There are no big problems with food. But they had a problem - to pay for the electricity they used in the last month. It was cold and they were heating houses. I was told the amount of $ 2,000. Of course, this is a lot, but some parts will probably have to help the church with which I work.

5. Ivano-Frankivsk region. The local churches I work with serve many refugees, but not all in a row. They try to identify the people who really need it. They also prepare food for soldiers and volunteers, and this greatly enhances the authority of the church. Therefore, the situation is different. Sometimes we need food, and sometimes we need more money because it gives us more opportunities to respond to different needs. Thank you very much for your donations and we try to use them where needed. Gifts made to 4G3, noted Ukraine, will be sent directly to Pastor Vasyl's church.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for praying and giving as the Lord leads. Please pray for protection and peace.


Dr. Wahid and Laila Wahba

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For the Global Glory of God

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