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Turkey Earthquake Relief. What Your Donations Achieved

George Hakim, 4G3/MELTI training director trying to ease Helena's plight. In the middle some of the things we bought for the family. When we sent the newsletter for the Turkey earthquake relief donations, we were overwhelmed by you all. As Paul says, "For I can testify that they gave not only what they could afford, but far more. And they did it of their own free will." 2 Corinthians 8.3 We asked for 15K and got 19K. Wow. In the next few weeks, we will share a few stories of what you have achieved through your generosity. You see the picture of Helena, a five-year-old girl whose house was demolished by the Turkey earthquake. She and her family fled to the next village, where the 4G3/MELTI team met her and her family. As you see in the first couple of pictures, she would not even smile. She is traumatized by what happened to her and her family. But George Hakim, our training director, started playing with her until she did smile. In the middle picture, we can see things we bought for them (mattresses, blankets, basic food needs, and basic clothes). They are currently staying in the church basement until they find a place to stay.

Your generosity overwhelmed us.

We are thankful for you.

Wahid and Laila Wahba

4G3 is on mission to embolden displaced and persecuted Christians in the Middle East to stand firm in their faith.

Please note the corrected mailing address below for your records. Thank you.

Our NEW mailing address is:

For the Global Glory of God C/O David Gaither CPA P.O. Box 36 Rock Spring GA 30739


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