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Turkey - 4G3's First Project of 2022

Sherif, a Jordanian 4G3 graduate (photo blurred on purpose)

Thank you for your friendship, prayers and generous support. We've launched our first project of 2022!

Turkey has been in the news a lot lately. None of it is good news. Yet, as Wahid and I always love to say, we have the good news about all the places you hear the terrible news.

This week, Victor Hanna, MELTI Executive Director, and George Hakim, Director of Training, traveled to Turkey. They traveled to lay the foundations for the first-ever Discipleship Institute in Turkey for Syrian refugees.

This institute is a ripple effect of Jordan's Discipleship Institute. God put on the heart of Sherif, a Jordanian graduate, to go and minister to Syrian refugees in Turkey who flee persecution and war. Syrians often walk across the border on foot, having lost family, homes, and possessions.

Turkey is the world's largest host of refugees. Ten years ago, the first Syrian refugees fleeing conflict and violence in their home country began arriving in Turkey. Currently, Turkey is home to more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees. In Turkey, 98% of the population are Muslims. Christians are a minority. Today, approximately 120,000 Christians live in Turkey, out of almost 80 million.

Those refugees need hope. They need answers.

When an unexpected event happens in your life, an event that you never anticipated, the first question you ask God is, 'Why God? Why me?'

At that instant, Satan finds a terrific opportunity to make you doubt God's goodness. He will tell you that God is not a God of love, or else, why is this happening to you?

This is where 4G3 and its Middle Eastern arm, MELTI, come in.

People in confusion need direction. And just like the Magi followed the North Star until it led them to Jesus, we too need to follow the One that will answer all our questions and ease all our sadness and brokenness.

Sherif, risking all, has moved to Turkey and, in partnership with 4G3, is starting a Discipleship Institute.

There are many challenges: spiritual warfare, political challenges, financial challenges. And yet, as Victor put it: "We hear the people telling us, come over and help us. We hear the believers telling us that the fields are ripe for harvest."

Dare we love our own lives and not risk all for the One who risked all for us?

I do not think so.

  • Pray for the safety of the MELTI team.

  • Please pray for open doors.

  • Pray for Divine appointments with other leaders.

  • Pray that God will instill hope and direction to those attending the institute. Pray that they will, like Sherif, have a ripple effect. -MARANATHA


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