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The only way to change a nation...

Dear Friends of 4G3,

We are in the final days of our Transformed to Bloom Campaign. This initiative is to raise funds to support 4G3 Discipleship Institutes in the Middle East. We had no idea when we started this campaign in June that a couple months later the Taliban would take over Afghanistan. How quickly life can change.

An Afghan refugee woman and her children take shelter in a tent in the capital city of Kabul, having fled the advancing Taliban (Uncredited, Getty Images). Please join us in praying for the Afghan Church to have strength and endurance. Pray for appropriate and expedient solutions to ongoing threats of violence. Pray for Afghans who are seeking Truth to boldly embrace a new identity in Christ. Pray for protection over Afghan believers and perseverance despite suffering. Steven Trevino, with Catalytic Ministries, recently said on a podcast: "The only way to change a nation is through Discipleship." We truly believe this!! 4G3 is on mission to embolden displaced and persecuted Christians in the Middle East to stand firm in their faith. Your financial support is needed to support and expand 4G3 Discipleship Institutes. We help Christians from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and denominations develop the character and skills to walk with God and change the world around them. Thank you for your generosity, care and concern for our Christian friends in the Middle East. We are grateful for you!

Blessings, Dr. Wahid and Laila Wahba

Here's a few ways your gift can make a difference.

  • $100: Pays for all books needed for one student attending discipleship institute for an entire year.

  • $1,500: Pays to support one student for 15 months. (Includes travel, meals and accommodation.)

  • $3,500: Pays for all books for an entire institute.

Every gift makes an immediate impact, no matter the size!


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