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Sameh's Story

Sameh Nagui's story with God didn’t start with a dramatic experience like what most of us tend to share. It started with one incident that showed him how much God cares about all the little things we go through and not just the big, pivotal moments. “I tasted his tenderness in a small detail that made me see I’m not in contact with the unknown or a person who is so out of reach. God is my friend.”

Sameh was at an army base and he was carrying a bag with a bible and a multi-color highlighter. When the security officer found them, he confiscated the bible and broke the highlighter and threw it away. “For me, this was the one thing I really needed to get through my army duty since it’s the only way I can count on connecting with God, especially when I can’t feel him.” After insisting that he can’t start duty without the bible, the officer eventually gave it back. Three days later, he was tired, and he went to the medical center to grab some treatment. It was the first time he saw the doctor behind the counter and along with the medication, he gave Sameh the intact half of the highlighter pen. “I was so surprised that he remembered my face among three thousand people on duty and that he actually kept the pen with him in hopes that he might see me again. In literally one hour, the doctor was going home on leave and had decided to throw the pen away if he didn’t see me. It meant so much to me that God planned this and definitely cared about my feelings in this situation. He cares about whether we’re happy or disappointed. He sees the little things.” Sameh joined the 4G3 Discipleship Institute recently when his friend, who is also a student, encouraged him to jump in. Throughout the teaching, he struggled with self-discovery. “My personality naturally leans towards leadership positions and so learning the right mindset and ways of thinking as a leader was essential for me.” He learned how to lead a group and take it steps forward. What meant most to him was discovering his potential as a leader and getting the chance to develop the right tools in this area. He also loved the 7 Levels for Spiritual Growth. “The trainer who taught us this course was very down to earth and authentic in his walk with God. You could tell how rich his history with God is just by listening to him teach because he already lived everything he was preaching.” This season for him is all about being still, sitting at Jesus’ feet and learning, and he doesn’t mind it one bit. He’d rather see where God wants him before he moves further into ministry. “It’s better to be close to him than be busy all the time.” “I want to encourage anyone who is thinking of joining the school and tell you that you won’t be disappointed. The topics you will study are a lot to digest and you get to hear them from teachers who carry a lot of grace. Be willing to learn and apply because not only will it build you up, it will also build up your community.”

In the coming weeks, 4G3 is launching FIVE NEW Disciple Institutes in Syria, Morocco, and Turkey, emboldening 175 disciples like Sameh who will in turn reach over 17,000 displaced and persecuted Christians. Thank you for helping us get closer to launch with your recent gift! Please join us in praying for many others to come alongside 4G3 to advance our mission. We'd greatly appreciate you sharing about this opportunity with your circle of friends.


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