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Ring in the New Year by creating a RIPPLE EFFECT

We are so excited to launch 5 new Discipleship Institutes in Syria, Morocco, and Turkey, emboldening 175 disciples who will in turn reach over 17,000 displaced and persecuted Christians.

There's still time to give towards this initiative. With your support, we can continue to help more men and women build holy habits, grow deeper in Christ, and bloom where they are planted!

The ripple effect of transformed lives is the work of the Holy Spirit. Plans, methods, and strategies are important and needed, however, when we walk with God, obey His leading, and act in faith, we can expect His redemptive activity of multiplying disciples.

Thank you for considering 4G3 today, the final giving day of 2021, and please join us with prayers of expectation!

We wish you joy and peace in the new year!


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