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People often ask us what happens at a 4G3 Discipleship Institute?

At 4G3 we offer a variety of workshops and conferences, however, our Discipleship Institutes are the core of our ministry. Through Discipleship Institutes we offer a 15-month, 70-hour training program to men and women in war-torn zones of the Middle East. Our ten curricula, translated in their native language, take persecuted Christians deeper in their relationship with Christ while building holy habits and teaching deep experiential Biblical knowledge. Each of the participants is committed to reaching at least 50 people within the first year after their graduation. Out of approx. 35 attendants in each Discipleship Institute, at least 5 will be chosen to be trainers in future institutes.

This creates a ripple effect in their families, communities, and countries!

A recent graduate reminded her group to put on their full armor of God during her final presentation.


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