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Jesus Appears in Gaza

Jesus Appears in Gaza

News of wars is all around us. Yet, amid news of war comes news of hope. This past week, a church group went to the Rafah border between Egypt and Gaza to distribute blankets and food to Palestinians passing the border into Egypt.

The Palestinians that the Egyptian government lets through the border are those who have been wounded and need hospital care. They can pass to Egypt with their families.

A completely veiled Moslem Palestinian woman approached the church group. "Are you Christian?" She asked. They answered,  "Yes."I do not need anything from you; I want to tell you something that happened to me." She responded.

She told them the following story, "We were staying close to the AlKuds Hospital. Then, the hospital was bombed. My twin boys died in the bombing. My husband lost his leg and is wounded. That's why we are now here in Egypt.

The night the bombing happened, my heart was filled with anguish, anger, and bitterness. I was so angry at God. I told God I was done with him and would neither fast nor pray anymore. I slept that night filled with fury, anger, and resentment. In my sleep, a man appeared to me, all dressed in white.

He was crying. When I asked why he was crying, he said, 'Because you are crying, I feel your pain.'I asked him, 'Who are you?'  He answered, 'I am Jesus Christ.'

The following day, I asked the hospital staff if a doctor called Jesus Christ worked in that hospital. They shushed me, telling me this was the God of the Christians.

She told the church group that since Jesus visited her, all the anger and bitterness in her heart had disappeared.

My Jesus loves Palestinians, Israelis, Moslems, Christians, and Jews. He visits them today in the midst of war, terror, bloodshed, and bombing.

Pray for revival among Israelis and Palestinians during these ominous times.

Pray for more visits from our Lord to all those suffering.

Our hope only lies in Jesus.


With thanks,

Dr. Wahid and Laila Wahba

Jesus Appears in Gaza


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