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I could have been gentler with my family.

Moe (not his real name) is a 35-year-old believer from a Muslim Background.

This is his story:

"My wife Fatima (not her real name) accepted Jesus as her personal savior a few years before me. I started reading the Bible to prove her wrong when I realized what she had done. I debated with her day and night that the God of the Bible is just as bloody as Allah of Islam. One evening, my wife had the Christian cable TV on, and Pastor Ezzat Hakim was on TV preaching a sermon on the exact text I was debating with my wife. I realized this could not have been a coincidence. Out of all the verses in the Bible, he chose this to talk about, and I was watching at this very moment. It was no coincidence.

That evening, I saw Jesus. I was in a valley, and He filled the whole valley. He even spoke to me in my childhood dialect.

When my brother found out I had accepted Jesus, he tried to murder me twice. My mother would not talk to me. As soon as I got baptized, I stopped smoking. I used to joke with my friends that they could take everything away from me, but not my cigarette. Praise God, now my sister and her husband have accepted Jesus. My brother and his wife are very close to accepting Jesus. Now, I am an elder leading house groups in Istanbul, Turkey.

My only regret is that when I first accepted Jesus, I harshly attacked Islam and my family. I could have been gentler with my family when I initially accepted Jesus. Maybe, I am the cause that they have taken so long to see Him for who He is: the One and Only Savior, the One and Only Way.

We are in dire need of discipleship.

I have not studied theology. I love Jesus and want all Muslims to get to know Him, yet I feel the need for discipleship for myself and my church. Come to Turkey and disciple us, please."

Good news...we are starting three new discipleship Institutes in Turkey beginning in August.

Each Discipleship Institute costs $67,000 over a period of 15 months to serve 35 people. This includes three people traveling from somewhere in the Middle East to Turkey and spending ten days four times a year, plus translation of materials.

Are you willing to sponsor one Institute?

Maybe you would rather sponsor one disciple for 15 months. That would be $1,900 or $130 per month for 15 months.



Dr. Wahid and Laila Wahba


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