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First Day of Iraq Conference

Wahid training on the role of the husband as the Head. Leading with love is a foreign concept to those not raised in church

I could not write anything during the conference since the internet here is so bad. I thought I would document everything until I have decent internet to send.

We also had frequent power cuts and water loss.

Kurds, Assyrians, Yazidis, Syrians, Iraqis, Sunnis, and Shiites gathered at the Erbil conference center. No one can make all these people sit together peacefully in one room except Jesus.

There were 116 of them: 40 couples and 36 kids of all ages.

Many of them traveled from all areas of Baghdad, Mosul, and Kurdistan to come. Some traveled for six hours.

The conference's theme was, "As for me and my House, we will Serve the Lord."

In the beginning, Wahid and I asked the participants to introduce themselves, with each husband saying two things he likes about his wife. This is very unusual, as Iraqi men are extremely reserved with their emotions, particularly in public.

Wahid and I had tears in our eyes by the time they finished.

One said that his wife led him to Christ from an Islamic background, and he is forever grateful.

Another one said that when they fled Syria, they moved 17 times in two years to escape the war and that his wife was very supportive and believed in him.

A third husband said he accepted Jesus from a Kurdish background thirteen years ago. His wife only accepted Jesus three years ago. He kept on loving her for ten years until she accepted Jesus.

It was one story of love and support after another.

I think the women left tonight one inch taller and much happier.

One of the wives recorded what her husband said about her so she would not forget the compliments he expressed about her.

Wahid taught about the man's role as the head of the family. For many not raised in the church, this concept is very foreign: leading with love.

More tomorrow.

Laila Wahba

For the safety of all who were present.

For the 36 children to grow in Christ.


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