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Drink Water

“And all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ.” 1 Corinthians 10.4

This past week we spent a much-needed vacation with our oldest son, our daughter-in-love, and our 16-month-old granddaughter Ellie. Family vacations give you time to notice things that you would not recognize otherwise in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It is a time to enjoy cherished ones as well as a time to enjoy the beauty of God.

The weather was unusually hot and humid, although we went to the beach daily at 7.30 am to be back home in time for Ellie’s first nap.

The thing that got my attention was that every single person on the beach was carrying a bottle of water: some fancier than others, yet the content was the same. Everyone realized that if they did not drink enough water, they could get dehydrated.

In fact, on the second day on the beach, Laila got quite light-headed because she did not have enough water.

This incident reminded me of my father. As a military man, his job was to provide all the troops with clothes, shoes, blankets, food, and water. It was a huge responsibility. Then when he became the governor of South Sinai, water was limited. After all, Sinia is still a desert area until today. My father had to provide and manage water usage. Our family of four lived in Sinai for 18 months. We realized that water is a very precious thing and a rare commodity. We apprehended that water equals life and we had to use it wisely.

When the people of Israel were in Egypt, they were drinking from the River Nile; depending on the River Nile for their water supply. I don’t think they felt the need to depend on God for their water supply. Maybe they even thought that water will always be in abundance. When God took them to the Sinai Desert, they wandered for 40 years. And like any other desert, water is scarce. They suddenly had to depend on God for their water supply. It meant total trust and absolute surrender. And God, the Provider, produced water from the Rock that followed them and that Rock was Christ.

“He split the rocks in the wilderness and gave them drink in abundance like the depths. He also brought streams out of the rock And caused waters to run down like rivers…..Behold, He struck the rock so that the waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed.” Psalm 78: 15-16;20

Jesus is the Water of Life; He is our Provider.

Some ministries dig wells for African countries where they have no water, and I admire those ministries.

4G3 supplies those thirsty for the Water of Life with a more profound knowledge of Jesus. It helps them grow in their faith, and after they grow to stand firm and bring forth fruit.

Your support and encouragement are vital.

Meet the team

Engineer George Hakim- Training Director

George graduated in 1998 from the Faculty of engineering. After his graduation,, he worked at Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV), an Egyptian manufacturer for Mercedes-Benz buses and trucks. George worked at MCV from1998-2017. Due to his excellence, he was promoted to director of planning and productivity overseeing Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East. MCV was a highly paid job with enormous benefits. George was responsible for 8000 employees and had a yearly budget of over $100 million. In spite of his success, George felt that there was more to life than having a highly paid job, something other than profit, authority, and position.

In 2010 George and his wife Sherry who are from the Coptic Orthodox church started attending individual courses with MELTI, the Middle East North Africa arm of 4G3 . These courses changed their lives and their relationship with God. Having been in the ministry for over two decades, George and Sherry were no novice to the faith. In 2016, George and Sherry, traveled to Erbil, Iraq with Dr. Wahid Wahba President of 4G3 and MELTI, to train displaced refugees. In Iraq, George knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is how he wants to spend the rest of his life: serving God.

George felt the Lord speak to him to leave his job and go into full-time ministry. The challenge of reducing his family’s income so drastically, leaving engineering, which he loved was overwhelming. One day, as George was reading Deuteronomy 11, God gave him his mission, vision, and the places he would visit. The Lord showed him that he would face cynicism and ridicule from friends and society. People will say that he must have lost his mind to leave such a lifestyle and go into full-time ministry. MCV tried to keep him giving him many options to work part-time, but he knew that resigning was a small price to pay for God’s glory.

George says, “Sherry, my wife, and my two daughters, Melody and Chantal, supported my decision and possessed the faith that God will indeed supply all our needs. I resigned MCV in January 2017 after meeting with Dr. Wahid Wahba, who immediately offered me the job as director of training.

I have never looked back since. God has used me in training hundreds in the Coptic Orthodox church as well as enhance the leadership institutes. God has indeed supplied all our needs abundantly. It is so worth it all.”

Prayer requests:

Pray for the graduations of the two Leadership Institutes that will take place in August. One graduation is in Jordan. 26 Jordanians are graduating after 15 months of discipleship and hard work.

The other graduation is in Egypt for 37. Those have successfully completed the 70-hour training along with all requirements.

Pray also for the Middle East North Africa conference taking place in Lebanon. Fifty leaders from 10 countries in the MENA area will be gathering to train in two new courses. The MENA conference is a time to share, encourage, and rest for many.

When Jesus fed the 5000, He could not have done so if that boy had not given up his lunch: the five loaves and two fish. It was his seed, and it fed many. Your seed can help thousands stand firm in their faith in areas where mentioning the name of Jesus can cost them their life.

If God has moved you to sow a seed, you can sow it here. Thank you.


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