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Day 3- Tribal Forgiveness

Being a shepherd to others entails that I forgive others to be able to shepherd like Jesus.

We asked the Sudanese to share whom they needed to forgive.

Little did we expect the heart-wrenching testimonies that the Sudanese shared.

One Sudanese lady, Madelaine, shared that her 17-year old brother disappeared. When she tried to call his cell phone, a strange man answered. He was from a. different tribe, but Madelaine could understand his dialect. She asked about the owner of that phone, and the responder said that he just slaughtered him and took his phone.

We did not even bury my brother because we did not know where he was. She wanted to take revenge on everyone from that tribe.

Today, she decided to forgive that person who killed her brother and forgive the whole tribe.

She realized how her own unforgiveness shackled her.

The Holy Spirit prompted us to divide all Sudanese by their tribes. Each tribe would pray for the tribe that caused them pain.

The screaming, the crying, the pain, the freedom, the laughter might have been heard back in Cairo, 100 miles away.

But the freedom and healing that happened were palpable.

It was almost like a fortress of unforgiveness was shattered there and then.

Do pray for the release of the Holy Spirit, a new Spirit of healing and freedom.

Pray that God would delete those terrifying memories and bring reconciliation and revival.


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