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Day 2 Sudanese Refugee Conference- Have You Been to Heaven Yet? We Have

Last night, after the conference program was over, Wahid and I went for a walk in the conference center. The air was cool and refreshing; the moon gave just the right amount of light.

As we walked, there are sitting areas in the garden of the conference center. We hear sounds coming from each sitting area. Each one of the Sudanese, was kneeling either reading his/her Bible or praying out loud. It was a fantastic spectacle.

At 10 pm, they all collected up in chapel and worshiped and praised until midnight, and oh boy, can they praise!!!

This morning, they started the conference with praise; you can watch some of their praises if you click the YouTube link below.

What you listen to here is not the opera; it is refugees joyful in their Lord. This morning, Doug and Holly Culhane, founders of Presence Point, played a movie from the forgiveness project. It had stories and stories of forgiveness, some of them from genocide. Many of the Sudanese have fled from that genocide. God is, indeed doing great things.

Do continue praying for healing for everyone attending.

Dr. Laila Risgallah Wahba


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