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Because of Your Generosity

“I am gathering a few sticks to take home and make a meal for myself and my son, that we may eat it—and die.” 1Kings 17.12

Ibtihaj (her name means Joy), is a Sudanese refugee in Egypt who graduated 4G3 Discipleship Institute last February.

She has five children, ages ranging between 6 months and 12 years.

Her husband, who works on daily wages, lost his job because of the coronavirus. All the food they had at home was gone, and her husband was praying for God to show him where he could lend money to feed his family.

An hour later, our team appeared with grocery bags.

Ibtihaj tells Elder Said, who is responsible for our Sudanese ministry, “We eat once a day, but our children need to eat more. They are still young.”

A few weeks ago, 4G3 shared with you the need to feed Sudanese refugees in Egypt.

Because of your generosity, Ibtihaj and her family got grocery bags containing eggs and chicken.

Thank you.

When we last shared with you, we had reached 165 families. Today, we have reached 257 and are dreaming of reaching 5000, which would be 1% of the number of Christian Sudanese refugees in Egypt.

Amazingly, 50% of donations came from the USA and 50% from the Middle East.

We still have a long way to achieve our dream.

If you want to become a dream achiever, you can.

Ibtihaj’s husband said, “We both loved attending 4G3 Discipleship Institutes. We learned a lot, and our lives changed. But getting those grocery bags showed us that you walk your talk. Thank you for standing beside us and encouraging us.”

Show your practical love to the Body of Christ.


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