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A Sudanese Refugee Leads A 4G3 Medical Mission

Meet Angelina, a Sudanese pediatrician and refugee in Egypt who has been through 4G3 training. Overcoming many obstacles, she earned her pediatric residency in Cairo and is thriving in her role. Today, Angelina works in the most prestigious educational pediatric hospital in Cairo, Egypt.

You can hear her story here:

Last week, Angelina led a medical mission team.

She went together with a family doctor and a gynecologist. The family doctor has a mobile clinic. They announced the medical mission to all refugee graduates of 4G3 Discipleship Institutes and their families and friends. Over 50 people showed up for services.

A Sudanese Refugee Leads A 4G3 Medical Mission

The family doctor opened the medical mission with a Gospel message, followed by individual examinations and the dispensing of free medications to attendees. In a country where medical insurance is rare and services are exorbitantly expensive, this initiative is a crucial lifeline.

Angelina is just one example of the ripple effect that 4G3 Discipleship Institutes have on families, the community, and the country. 

Your support aids refugees and persecuted Christians like Angelina, empowering them to stand firm in their faith and bloom where they are planted! Angelina will lead more mission trips, delivering both medical aid and the Gospel message. 

Thank you for making this transformation possible.

Dr. Wahid and Laila Wahba,

A Sudanese Refugee Leads A 4G3 Medical Mission


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