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From a Mother in Eqypt

A Mother's Day message from a special lady who plays a very important role at 4G3!

Mary Mounir joined 4G3/MELTI twenty years ago, on July 17, 2003, two days after she got engaged. Mary has no university degree, yet she is responsible for designing and producing all 4G3/MELTI books and workbooks.

Mary dreamt of sending her two kids to Catholic language schools so they would have a better education than what she received so they could attend university. This proved quite challenging since, in Egypt, they always ask about the parents' credentials. Because she did not have a university degree, it decreased her chances of ever sending her kids to language schools.

Mary applied to St. George Catholic School when her son Meyer turned four. She was sure they would not accept him because of the fact that she had no university degree. During the school interview, the principal asked her where she worked. When the principal learned she worked at 4G3/MELTI, he asked her if she knew Dr. Wahid Wahba. "He is my boss," she answered. "Could you call him on the phone?" he asked. Mary called Wahid. What Wahid told the principal changed the course of the interview.

"Wahid informed the principal that my son Meyer was like a grandson to him and would be very grateful if he accepted Meyer at the school. And so it was that my Meyer was accepted at St. George Catholic school. He is in his last year of high school this year!"

As for her daughter, Maureen, acceptance into Catholic school was harder. The school principal threw Maureen's file to the floor, saying they did not accept children whose parents did not have a university degree. Maureen collected the file from the floor and left crying out to God.

Mary said, "Someone asked me to get a signature from the Governor of Cairo, so my daughter would be accepted. God provided someone to send my letter to the Governor, and Maureen was admitted to the Delivrande Catholic Language School. Today, she is in middle school and doing very well."

God has been so faithful to take care of Mary and answer her prayers.

Mary with her husband and children

God is using Mary to reach other women for Christ.

Besides being the designer for all 4G3/MELTI books and workbooks, Mary now leads the 4G3/MELTI weekly women's meeting, Free Woman.

The vision for this started when Mary went on a mission trip to Iraq and saw women who had been raped by ISIS and women who had lost everything. She realized that she had to do something.

She said, "I knew I did not have what it takes to start such a ministry. I am not well educated, I do not have a theology degree, and I do not have many giftings. Yet, I knew I could glorify God through whatever little I had. For most of my life, I've had a shortage of money, I live in a tiny house in a popular area, yet I am always thankful. I felt that there must be many women going through the same thing I am, yet, they blame God instead of thanking Him. I felt it my mission to share everything I've been through with those women to bring them to a point when they, too, would glorify God and see His goodness in their lives."

Mary started by sending text messages to many women during COVID and was blown away by the response. She wanted to reach women shunned by society and the church, whether because they have tattoos, are smokers, are living in sin, or are divorced, which is unacceptable in the church in Middle Eastern culture.

She shared,"I dream that every woman would know her identity in Christ. I have seen in my own life how despite being a born-again Christian for many years, I did not know the real God, His power, and how He can do unbelievable things through us. I have seen how many people in the Bible were nothing and how God did wonders through them. I can serve God while buying groceries or meeting people on the street."

We asked Mary, what would you like to tell mothers in the USA for Mother's Day?

"You can love your children unconditionally only if you drink daily from the Fountain of Life. You may be having problems with your husband or your children. It would help if you were linked to the Hose of Life-giving Water, Jesus. Many people were unlovable in the Bible, yet Jesus humbled Himself and loved them. Just like the ten lepers, who were unloved, yet Jesus loved them, we need to love our children even if we sometimes find them unlovable."

We praise God for Mary, her family, and for all the mother's in the 4G3 circle of friends. Happy Mother's Day!

Reminding you that you are His beloved,

Dr. Wahid and Laila Wahba


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